Threat to Water


This is what fracking looks like

Help us stop this happening in our national parks, tourist spots and favourite food and wine growing regions

The US Environmental Protection Agency says fracking causes permanent damage to water. With plans in motion to drill through our aquifers, this means your drinking water is in peril.

Industry statistics from North America show that around 6% of fracking wells leak immediately. We already know that 50% of conventional oil and gas wells leak within 30 years – but fracking hasn’t been around long enough for this kind of data to exist for fracking wells.

With water availability already an important issue, WA is particularly vulnerable to aquifer depletion and contamination by unconventional gas. It’s extremely concerning that our present government is allowing fracking companies to drill through the aquifers that provide our household drinking water – without a proper environmental assessment.

What will you do when our water table is permanently ruined?

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