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By adding your name you are sending politicians, business leaders, and other decision-makers a serious message – the people are calling for a Frack Free Future for WA. The unconventional gas industry has already had devastating impacts on: Human health – living near gas fields has been linked to higher rates of birth defects, respiratory disease and other illness. Air, water & soil – toxic and climate-changing pollution from heavy machinery, containment ponds and underground leaks. Communities – rural communities suffer from trauma and stress due to conflicts with companies.


While the weight of scientific evidence is undeniable, it’s the weight of public opinion that drives change in government and corporate behaviour. This is why the most powerful thing you can do today is unite with others to send a strong message to decision-makers – add your name now to call for a Frack Free Future in WA.

"As a community, we are committed to working together to protect our water sources, food, livelihoods and precious places from the harmful effects of unconventional gas extraction and fracking in our state. Together, we call on our leaders and decision-makers in Parliament, in business and in our community to support our aims and work with us to achieve a Frack Free Future for Western Australia."
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