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The Frack Frack Free movement needs you

Here are some quick and easy ways you can help protect our state right now

Sign our Let’s Stop Fracking WA petition here
Then promote the petition on social media

Sign our Alinta petition
Then promote the petition on social media 

Here are some other ways to get involved

  • Display one of placards in your front garden
    The more people know about what we’re doing, the better. Order one below.

  • Visit, write to or call your local representative
    Fracking must be a serious issue at the WA election on March 11, 2017. That means every State MP and election candidate, and especially those in the metro area, must feel the heat from their voters. See contacts for your local reps here.
    Please send us a picture of yourself with your local candidate/MP for us to share on our social media. Send your pics to us here.

  • Visit, write to or call your local councillors
    Ask them to pass a motion declaring their council frack-free.

  • Hold an info stall
    Take some of our flyers and hold a stall at a local market or an info table at a local event. Contact us here for more information and resources. 

  • Hold a meeting or film screening
    Organise a local public meeting for anyone wanting to know more about fracking in WA. Or gather friends and colleagues for a private meeting in your home. Speak to us [here Contact Page] for meeting tips and to get a copy of our video resources.

  • Write letters to the editor
    Letters to the editor are good way to influence public discussion about fracking. Get in touch with us here for letter writing tips.


Fill in your details below or info at frackfreefuture .org.au to let us know how you’d like to be involved.