Join thousands who have switched to Australia's first fossil fuel free super fund

Future Super is Australia’s first fossil fuel free super fund. It’s easy to join and takes only 2 minutes online. Future Super does not invest in any fossil fuel companies, or in companies providing significant services or financing to fossil fuel projects and they'll donate $150 to Frack Free Future on your behalf. 



Imagine the power of all of us moving our super money out of fossil fuels and into funding climate solutions. Superannuation is mandatory, but investing in fossil fuels shouldn’t be. Australians deserve a choice. Fossil fuel companies pose too many risks from an environmental, social and financial perspective, and the transition to a clean energy future presents an unprecedented opportunity to benefit members, people and the planet.

Future Super is an ethical, diversified portfolio that completely excludes fossil fuels. No coal, oil, gas or coal seam gas. Plus, they'll donate $150 to Frack Free Future on your behalf when you switch!