Communities take to highways to demand protection of water from fracking

Members of the Frack Free Future campaign joined people all around Australia in a national action coordinated by the Lock the Gate Alliance calling on political candidates to guarantee the protection of Australia’s precious water sources.

The Water4Life National Highway Action saw hundreds of people take to WA’s major highways to voice their opposition to the threat fracking poses to Australia’s groundwater.

The Frack Free Future campaigners joined people on the Great Northern, Great Eastern, Stirling, Forrest and South West Highways on Saturday June 25.

Hundreds more people and a range of other organisations joined the Lock the Gate action on highways in WA’s regional areas, and thousands of others took part around the country.

Frack Free Future spokesman Jules Kirby said in order to protect WA’s precious water resources, the community needed to stand up against the fracking industry.

“Communities across the country have made it very clear that gas fracking is not welcome, but those wishes are being ignored by governments as they continue to promote this destructive and accident-prone industry,” he said.

“Fracking represents a major risk to the quality of our drinking water, as well as sustainable industries like farming and tourism. 

“The shale gas being targeted in WA sits below the water table, meaning fracking companies have to drill and pump chemicals at extreme pressure through our precious aquifers to access the gas. This poses an unacceptable risk to our drinking water.”

Vast areas across the Kimberley, Carnarvon, Mid-West and even the South West wine region contain shale gas targeted by the fracking industry.

While drilling has only commenced in a small number of places, fracking exploration licenses have been issued over many groundwater aquifers, including the Yarragadee north and south aquifers, which supply Perth and the South West with drinking water.

“From the country to the city, people from all walks of life are calling on leaders and decision-makers in Parliament, in business and in the community to support and work with us towards a Frack Free Future for Western Australia,” said Mr Kirby.