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EXPOSED: Oil and Gas Veteran Reveals the Dirty Tricks That Made Him Quit the Industry

Thoughts from an Oil and Gas Industry Insider.  


I’m a principal engineer and worked in oil and gas most of my life, including “fracking”. There is a lot of talk on the subject of fracking: some factual, some quasi factual and some outright fabrication. Both sides are guilty of this to varying degrees – as... Read more


Where do they stand on fracking?

If you’re reading this then the chances are you’ve heard some pretty worrying stories about the impacts of the unconventional gas and fracking industry elsewhere, and you’re worried at the prospect of it sinking its teeth into Western Australia.

You’re right to be worried – this dangerous and accident-prone industry is responsible for appalling environmental and health impacts in our... Read more


Alinta, AWE and The West Australian

Good news friends – our campaign asking Alinta Energy to ditch its contract with fracking company AWE has been picked up by The West – you can read the article here.

The article’s not short on bloopers, not least confusing Frack Free Future (that’s... Read more


Victoria fracking ban & Northern Territory election: what it means for WA

So the State of Victoria has just banned fracking and other forms of onshore unconventional gas extraction [1].

Oh wow. How great is that? Answer: very, very great indeed. I’m stoked. If you care about food and farming, safe water supplies, human physical and mental health, the environment, climate... Read more


The Age of Renewables has arrived, the sooner we get off gas the better.

It’s never long before fans of fracking point to climate change and claim it can only be tackled by replacing dirty old coal with new gas. They say they’re in favour of renewable energy but it’s growing too slowly to help us now, so gas is a 'necessary' stopgap. 

This is the argument... Read more


Liberal and National MPs break ranks over fracking concerns

The penny appears to be dropping for Liberal and National MPs on the serious risks posed by fracking in Western Australia.

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Time for the National Party to clarify its position on fracking

The time has come for the National Party to outline how it will protect regional water resources and farming land from the scourge of fracking.

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