Through the Frack Free Future alliance, we work closely with farmers and local communities to prevent unconventional gas and fracking from threatening their homes and livelihoods, and contaminating our State’s water supply with dangerous chemicals.

This is why we were horrified to discover that despite being opposed to it, many Western Australians have been inadvertently supporting the unconventional gas industry - as Alinta Energy customers. 

Alinta Energy supplies 84% of WA’s homes with piped gas [1], but what Alinta are not telling their customers is that they have already signed a gas supply contract with fracking company AWE, and our gas bills are helping to support plans for WA’s first industrial scale gas fracking operation in the Irwin area.

But with so much offshore gas in WA, there’s no need to risk the consequences of unconventional gas.

It is unacceptable for Alinta Energy to bankroll the unconventional gas and fracking industry to get a foothold in WA. It isn’t wanted by farmers, it isn’t needed by consumers, and it threatens our safe water supply which we all depend on.

Unconventional gas hurts our farmers and risks our future - tell Alinta Energy to back out of fracking for good. For more information please read Briefing 3 'Why Alinta Energy must stop supporting unconventional gas and fracking in the Mid West'


Petition to Alinta Energy

To: Chief Executive Officer, Alinta Energy Locked Bag 55 Perth, WA, BC 6849

We are concerned about your gas purchasing arrangement with AWE - a gas fracking company in the Midwest.

AWE's gas fracking plans risk groundwater, farmland and the environment and these plans are strongly opposed by the local community. We seek commitments that you will not support or purchase gas from gas fracking in WA.


Will you sign?