Help us call on Western Australian decision-makers to declare an comprehensive state-wide moratorium on unconventional gas and fracking

Everyone needs water - this issue affects you!

It’s already been stopped in Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. But here in WA, fracking is much closer than you think.

The Barnett government fully supported fracking. They granted unconventional gas exploration licences across vast areas of WA, including over the Yarragadee north and south aquifers which supply Perth’s drinking water.

Companies have already fracked in the Southwest, the Mid-West and Kimberley, and The Swan Valley has also been earmarked for exploration.

But we’re turning back the fracking industry

Together, we won the battle to make fracking an election issue. Labor took office promising a statewide moratorium (temporary ban) on unconventional gas and fracking.

The moratorium – which covers exploration – promised a public, science-based inquiry to examine the industry’s impacts on health, agriculture, the environment, heritage, communities and the climate.

Now Labor must deliver, and we must work together to support and hold them to account on their promises.
Let’s spread the word, grow the movement, and tell our decision-makers we want a frack free future for WA.

Let’s stop fracking now!