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Frack Free Future is a growing movement of West Australian individuals, communities, farmers, doctors, environmentalists, business and civil society groups right. Normal people, just like you. Part of something huge, right across Australia and around the world.

New York State and Maryland, Scotland, France, Germany and other national governments have enacted bans and moratoria. In Australia, Victoria has banned all unconventional gas activities while Tasmania and the Northern Territory have moratoria in place.

Hundreds of communities have already declared themselves ‘gasfield free’ across Australia with 75 in Victoria alone driving the Government there to permanently ban unconventional gas.

We’re calling for a moratorium on the exploration of unconventional gas in WA. Like voters in the eastern states, West Australians must have the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether this industry becomes established here.

We are deeply concerned about the lack of regulation imposed on fracking activity, a practice that’s been proven to cause permanent damage to water sources, destroy communities, ruin health and lead to the industrialisation of beautiful rural areas and enormous climate impact. 

To ensure both the science and the views of the people of WA are heeded, we believe the new State Government in March 2017 must be committed to:

  • A state-wide five year moratorium (temporary ban) on unconventional gas and fracking while public consultation determines whether the industry is safe and welcome
  • An immediate permanent stop to fracking in sensitive areas such as National Parks, productive farmland and water catchments
  • The right for farmers, leaseholders and Traditional Owners to say no and refuse gas exploration and production on their land

If you’re concerned about the risks fracking poses to our water sources, climate, and sustainable industries like farming and tourism, there’s lots of ways you can take action. See more here

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