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The devastating truth

Fracking is a new and highly risky method of extracting underground gas. It involves pumping chemicals deep beneath our feet to crack open gas-carrying rocks with proven devastating outcomes for water tables, public health and environment.

This dangerous and unpopular modern form of fracking has already happened in the South West, Mid West and Kimberley regions of WA. The unconventional gas industry is now poised for a massive expansion. If fully developed, we could be looking at 40,000 wells in the Kimberley alone, and 100,000 across WA.

Worryingly, the fracking industry has been granted numerous licence to drill through the Yarragadee north and south aquifers, which supply household drinking water to the entire Perth metro and South West regions.

Why fracking is being stopped all over the world

In America, devastating impacts have been caused by fracking and unconventional gas mining on:

  • Human health – living near gas fields has been linked to higher rates of birth defects, respiratory disease and other illness.
  • Air, water & soil – toxic pollution from heavy machinery, containment ponds and underground leaks.
  • Communities – rural communities suffer from trauma and stress due to conflicts with companies.
  • Climate change – gas fracking releases very high emissions of methane - a highly potent greenhouse gas. When these methane emissions are combined with the carbon pollution created when the gas is burned for energy, the overall pollution impact is just as high or higher than burning coal for energy. 

The biggest threat is to our drinking water – read why here.

The US Environmental Protection Agency says fracking causes permanent damage to water.

In WA, no formal Environmental Impact Assessment of any fracking activity has been undertaken by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) despite thousands of submissions from community members calling for one.

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