"Comparing the fracked wells of the 1950s with those of today is like comparing a stick of dynamite, which was first patented in 1867, with a modern bunker-buster bomb. Sure, they are a continuation of sorts, but the differences are more important than the similarities. Things are souped up to a whole new extreme."

Adam Briggle - ‘A Field Philosopher’s Guide to Fracking’ Liveright Publishing Corporation. New York and London. 2015.

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#1  No Fracking WAy: The case for a permanent ban on unconventional gas and fracking in Western Australia
#2  Rights, regulations and fracking in WA: How the regulatory system for unconventional gas fails to protect people and the environment
#3  Unconventional gas in the Southwest: Response to open letter to Southwest residents from the Department of Mines and Petroleum
#4  Why Alinta Energy must stop supporting unconventional gas and fracking in the Mid West

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Presentations from 'Science and Ethics of Fracking in WA' forum held at St George's Cathedral in Feb 2017:

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