Let’s Stop Fracking WA Petition

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While the weight of scientific evidence is undeniable, it’s the weight of public opinion that drives change in government and corporate behaviour. Unite with us today to send a powerful message to important decision-makers.

Take the action below to sign the Let's Stop Fracking Statewide Petition and email your candidates to let them know where you stand!

Let’s Stop Fracking Statewide Petition

As a community, we are committed to working together to protect our water sources, food, health, livelihoods and precious places from the harmful effects of unconventional gas extraction and fracking in our state.

Together, we are calling for:

  • A statewide moratorium (temporary ban) on unconventional gas and fracking. This must protect WA for five years while an independent consultation and science-based review determines whether the industry is safe and welcome.
  • An immediate permanent ban in sensitive areas such as National Parks, productive farmland and water catchments.
  • The right for farmers, leaseholders and Traditional Owners to say no and refuse gas exploration and production on their land.