Hold WA to their word

WA Labor made important commitments to ban fracking in some areas, and undertake an inquiry before it could go ahead anywhere in the state. Thousands of people across Perth, SouthWest, Swan Valley, Midwest and the Kimberley trusted the McGowan Labor team with their vote (many for the first time) because of their position on fracking and unconventional gas.

Since the election, indications are that the Government have been backing away from the commitments they made on this issue. Communities and landholders now need to firmly remind the new Government and Members of Parliament to stick to their promises on fracking and unconventional gas. 


What you can do

It is very important that communities and landholders concerned about this issue make contact with their local members of Parliament and the Premier. Local MP’s need to know that the community has not forgotten the election commitments on fracking and expects them to be fully implemented. Asking to meet the MP is important, but a meeting might take some time to arrange. In the meantime, you can discuss your concerns with the staff in the electorate office and write or email the MP directly.

The link below will take you to an email platform that will automatically locate your Labor MP with a message prompt. Please include your own opinions to the email.